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The Importance of Maintaining your Roof, Gutters and Chimney!

Some of the most common issues noted on our surveys are related to the roof. It could be blocked or damaged gutters, moss on the roof, vegetation growth, displaced or damaged tiles and a whole range of other issues.

These issues are perfectly normal and happen to every property. The serious problems arise when they are ignored, left untreated and allowed to get worse. It can result in expensive damage to your roof or walls and even issues like water ingress and damp.

When you are selling your home and these issues are present, they also give a poor impression and an indication that the property has not been properly maintained.


Gutters are designed to catch water flowing from a roof and channel it away from the property and down the drain. If your gutters are damaged or leaking and water is overflowing back against the property, it can lead to costly damage including water ingress, damp, rotting facias and soffits etc.

A well functioning gutter should be clear of any debris, firmly fixed in place and draining well through the down pipe and into the drain.

Leaking, overflowing and dripping gutters can also become as annoying as a dripping tap while you are trying to sleep!

Remember, with enough time water can literally move mountains and carve valleys into the landscape, so image what it can do to your walls. Gutters are there to stop rainwater from doing this to your home, so it is vital they are properly maintained and that any damage is repaired as soon as possible.

Roof Titles

Roof tiles come in all shapes, sizes, colours and materials. But they all have something in common. They can become damaged and grow moss!

Damaged roof tiles present obvious risk. Firstly, they are a safety hazard. If a roof tile becomes lose and slides off the roof, it can be lethal if it were to hit anyone or causer serious damage to anything it hits.

Secondly, a damaged roof tiles can allow water to leak into the property. This can cause all kinds of damage from very minor to very costly!

When moss is allowed to grow on roofs, it retains water and can get into tiny cracks and crevices and make them worst.

If your roof has any of these issues, it should be rectified straight away!


The chimney stack (the part you can see on the roof) of a property serves a very important purpose. It draws smoke from your fireplace or stove and safely away from your property.

But a chimney is actually quite a complex piece of the structure. It sits atop a very large structure stretching from your foundation to the roof. It is exposed to every piece of rain, wind snow, frost, or sun your property gets. As a result, it has to be built strong and durable.

But even well built chimney stacks will face issues over time. Firstly (and most commonly) vegetation can take hold in and around the chimney. This happens when the wind blows seeds onto the chimney or birds drop them there. This vegetation will take hold and the roots will get deeper and deeper into the bricks and mortar of the chimney, eventually causing damage.

The part of a chimney which covers the joint between the chimney and roof is called the "flashing". With frost and wind, flashing can sometimes become damaged or dislodged. If this happens, it can result in water getting into the property.

Recommended Maintenance for Roof, Gutters and Chimney

It is recommended that once per year, you hire a professional company to come and thoroughly clean the gutters, clear any moss from the roof tiles, clear any vegetation or moss from in and around the chimney stack.

The company you hire should be experienced, insured and use all the necessary safety equipment and processes. If they point out any damage, you should hire a professional contractor to fix the issues straight away.

Any issues which appear on your roof, gutters and chimney would be relatively cheap compared to the damage which could be done if they are left ignored.

Then if you use your fireplace or stove, you should regularly have your chimney swept to clear any soot or other debris which may have fallen in.

Pre-Purchase Surveys

If you are buying a home, the most important element of a survey is the structural side. The surveyor will be trying to identify any potential issues which could be caused by any structural defects.

But, a good surveyor should also be looking out for smaller issues, just like the ones above, which could developer into large issues if left ignored.

If you are sale agreed and ready to hire a surveyor, just go to and click on Get Survey Now!


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