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What type of Survey do I need?

For over 95% of houses and apartments in Ireland a "Type 2" survey is sufficient. This goes by many names, including Building Survey, Structural Survey, House Survey, Engineers Report, Architects Report, Conditional Report, Property Survey etc.

For example, many old school solicitors will recommend an "Architect's Report". If an Engineer is conducting the survey they might call it a "Structural Survey" or an "Engineers' Report". Then the SCSI have attempted to standardise surveys, which is the only recognised standard, and they call it a "Building Survey".

But regardless of who you book or what they call it, it should meet a minimum standard. The survey should give you a comprehensive breakdown of the condition throughout the property, including structural issues and issues caused by poor maintenance and general wear and tear.

A Type 2 Survey will give you a comprehensive breakdown of the condition of the property so that you can be fully informed before signing contracts
In most cases, a Type 2 survey is sufficient for the purchase of a house in Ireland.

There is a very long list of what should be checked as part of this survey. You can read that list and see a sample report here: What is included in a survey?

At Get House Survey, our surveys far exceed the Type 2 standard and are enough to cover over 99% of properties in Ireland.

To book your survey, just go to and click on "Get Survey Now".


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