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Who should I share my pre-purchase survey with?

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

This is a very common question we are asked. But let's start with what a survey is for. A pre-purchase survey is where you hire a professional surveyor/engineer to inspect a property you are considering purchasing to give their professional opinion on the property's condition.

They will visit the property to conduct the survey and then produce a written report listing all of the defects and conditional issues they identified along with any other causes for concern and their overall opinion on the property.

You can then use this to make a decision on whether or not you want to continue with the sale.

The report is yous, for your use and you are free to share it with whoever you wish. But when you have the written report, who should you share that report with? Well, it really depends on the circumstances. But here are the most common situations.

Your Solicitor: Share away!

Like your surveyor, your solicitor is working for your benefit. They'll want to make sure they properly is legally sound and there are no questionable extension or conversion work which could come back to bite you. Then will likey advise for a survey to be complete anyway, so you should always share it.

Your solicitor may also have some specific questions regarding boundaries or planning docs which they may ask you to ask your surveyor to check out while on site.

Your Bank: Only if they ask!

In most cases, your bank will not ask for a survey to be conducted. If they do not ask, there is no reason to share the written report with them.

However, in some cases - usually related to the age of the property or if the property is in a known problem area - they will ask for a survey to be conducted. In this case you will need to share the report with them so they can be convinced of the soundness of the property and be willing to proceed with lending you the mortgage.

The Vendor's Estate Agent: Only if renegoiating

There's a reason I specified "Vendor's" estate agent. This is because the estate agent is not working for you. They are working for the vendor and will be looking out for their interests - Not yours.

If the survey identifies some issues you want the vendor to rectify before signing contracts, or if indeed makes you want to renegoiate the price, it may be worth sending the written report to them so they can discuss the issues with the vendor.

In these cases, always make sure your solicitor knows what you are doing so they can also offer their advice.

We occasionally have estate agents contact us directly asking for a copy of the report. Unless the buyer as told us beforehand that this is okay, the agent is told to take a hike!


If you are ever unsure, always feel free to contact us to ask!

At all of our surveyors are registered, experienced (minimum of 10 years) and carry their own insurance, so when you book with us, you are in safe hands!

To book your survey or snag list, just go to and click "Get Survey Now". If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at


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