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Most Common Post Survey Queries

These are the most common queries which pop up after someone has received their complete survey. Our work doesn't stop once the survey is sent, we're here to help wherever we can!

Who should I share my survey with?

A survey is for your benefit. However, there are situations where it makes sense to share it with other parties. Here are the most common ones...

Solicitor? Yes

For all buyers, you should share your survey with your solicitor. There may be some information they need contained in it to help them verify the property is in order.

Bank or Broker? Only if necessary for loan drawdown

You should only share a survey with your bank or broker if they specifically say it is required for the mortgage drawdown.

Estate Agent? Only if you are using it to renegotiate the price

If the surveyor identifies any major issues which were not disclosed to you before you went sale agreed, you are well within your rights to attempt to renegotiate.

Read the full post here: Who should I share my surevy with?

Do I need to hire an electrician or plumber?

A surveyor is not a qualified electrician, plumber, gas or oil installer and so is not qualified to comment on the safety or suitability of those systems.

In the survey, there will be guidance from the surveyor on what further inspections are recommended. We encourage all buyers to follow this advise.

Can I reduce my offer on a house if the surveyor identifies issues?

Yes. Until you sign contracts, nothing is final. Generally we recommend this only if the issues are serious or costly and if they were not disclosed to you before you went sale agreed.

The bank have requested letters confirming any structural or urgent issues and estimates of work. Can you provide this?

Let your surveyor know and they can send on a letter confirming if they identified any structural issues and a list of any urgent or Condition Rating 3 items.

We do not provide estimates as part of a survey. It is recommended to request estimates from suitable professionals (e.g. Roofer for issues with roof). These quotes are accepted by the bank.

My solicitor has come back with some document or boundaries for the surveyor to check.

In some cases, the surveyor will have enough information to answer these for your solicitor. If the surveyor needs to revisit the property, an additional charge may apply.

Reach out to your surveyor directly with the queries and they will advise.

Other Queries

These are just the common question and of course every property is unique. If you have any follow up questions, feel free to give your surveyor a call or email and they will be happy to discuss with you.


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